Tennessee authorities penalize man from previous Problem Solvers investigation


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — When Jordan Rogers’ Berclair home burned down in 2018, he used insurance money to hire contractors to rebuild.

But when that didn’t go as planned, he called the Problem Solvers in 2019.

The Problem Solvers uncovered multiple issues with Rogers’ experience, including a concerning history with the men involved in the repair work.

Now, the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance has issued two civil penalties against one of those men, Stan Young for contracting without a license. One of the penalties stems from the WREG Problem Solvers investigation of the work done on Rogers’ home.

In the other case, state officials stated a homeowner agreed to pay Young $34,000 for a kitchen renovation in February 2020. Young did not have a contracting license at the time, according to a consent order from the Tennessee Board for Licensing Contractors.

The order states anyone helping Young with the violations must “cease and desist from all such unlicensed activities.”

The board assessed a penalty of $750 for Rogers’ case and $500 for the second case.

He signed the board order on June 24, 2020, thereby agreeing with the state’s stipulation that he broke the law and will pay the fine.

When the Problem Solvers asked Young about Rogers’ case in 2019, he did not respond to our questions and instead pushed our camera and asked us to leave his property.

Contractors must have a license to perform contracting work for $25,000 or more in Tennessee. Additionally, contractors must have a home improvement license to perform work for $3,000 or more in Shelby County.

If you have a contractor who violated the rules, you can report them to your state’s contractors board.

If you have a problem you need solved with the help of WREG’s Problem Solvers, email Stacy at stacy.jacobson@wreg.com.

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