Tenants say they haven’t had hot water at Frayser apartments in months

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Tenants in a Frayser apartment complex are fed up, saying they haven't had hot water in months and are expected to boil their own bath water.

Kameron Catron worries about his children living at the Corning Village Apartments, saying they never know if they'll have water.

"It`s tragic," he said. "I got a child that's about to be one years old. He's eight months right now and you got to have water on to make his bottles."

Other tenants say they haven't had hot water since last year.

"Ever since like October the 13th, we've been without hot water, like period. It's been cold, it hasn't gotten warm," another tenant said.

Parents say they've been scared of their kids getting sick and have to go to relatives' places to shower.

"We're not taking no cold baths, no cold showers. I'm not boiling no water because I didn't move over here to boil water to take baths."

They say management gives them different excuses for what`s causing the problems.

Along with not having hot water and sometimes no water at all, on Friday tenants complained about having busted pipes and leaks that aren't getting fixed.

Other renters said their appliances haven't worked in months either.

WREG went to the leasing office to get answers.

"I'm going to ask you to leave my property because this is private, we're not giving any, no," said a person at the manager's office who declined to answer questions.

Residents hope they can soon see some relief, as their problems keep building.

"It's terrible. No one should have to deal with this. It`s just ridiculous," a tenant said.

We reached out to the city of Memphis with this situation. A spokesperson sent back this response:

"Code Enforcement has not receive complaints reported from this location since 2016. Please be aware that the City’s approach to code violations at multi-unit apartment complexes is complaint driven. We respond when complaints are made by residents/tenants to the city’s 311 Service Center, or referrals by other city departments such as police or fire. We encourage Memphis resident to call “311” or go online to report violations of the city ordinance."

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