Teen’s personalized Bible for boyfriend going viral

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COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Georgia 16-year-old Reagan Lee’s boyfriend said he wanted a Bible for Christmas, and she went above and beyond what he ever could have expected.

Reagan turned the Bible into a work of art, personalized for him. It took her three months to complete, and she didn’t leave one page untouched.

She left drawings and messages in the margins and highlighted key verses throughout.

When she tweeted photos of the finished product, it went viral, with more than 280,000 likes in five days.

Reagan’s boyfriend, 18-year-old Garrett Chisum, inspired her do the project after he gave her his Bible with highlighted verses when she was going through a tough time, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

But Reagan took it a few steps further.

“He was just smiling a lot and gave me a really big hug,” she said about his response to the gift.

About the viral tweet, she said, “I just thought it was cute and I like showing people the nice things I do for my boyfriend, (and) let everyone know we are in a happy relationship.”


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