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(Dyersburg,TN) Beer, junk food, and energy drinks.

That’s what Dyersburg Police say teenagers were after when they broke into a convenience store on the city’s north side.

Police say they got suspicious when the teens were spotted walking down the street pulling a big trash can and carrying a duffle bag in the early morning hours of January 19th.

The store had been closed for several months, but was still full of merchandise and a tempting target for potential thieves.

JC Jones used to shop at the Junior Mart on Harrell Street in Dyersburg, until it closed a few months ago.

“I just go in there and buy gas and drinks and stuff and cigarettes,” said Jones.

Police say the business shut down after the owners fell into financial trouble and left town, leaving a “fully stocked” convenience store behind.

Robert Carlton lives near the store and said since it shut down there’s been more than one burglary.

“There’s been two or three that’s broke in there. I guess they figured they’d get in less trouble if they broke in when it wasn’t opened,” said Robert Carlton.

Carlton wasn’t surprised to learn two 18-year olds and two 15-year olds are accused of breaking into the store recently, stealing five-hundred dollars worth of beer, energy pills, energy drinks, rolling papers, and junk food.

Dyersburg Police spotted Christopher Gourley and Robert McClain, along with the 15-year olds, pulling a green trash can and carrying a large orange duffle bag.

When police questioned them, they said they were “picking up leaves” to make money.

Before police could get out of their patrol car the four took off.

Police later arrested all but one of the 15-year olds and found the stolen goods inside the trash can and duffle bag.

Police say one of the 18-year olds even confessed.

Since there’s no electricity in the store and no alarm system,  police are worried more break in’s could happen.

JC Jones wishes the owners could have made a go of it so the store wouldn’t be a temptation to thieves.

“Yea, they was some nice people. Far as I know they was some nice people,” said Jones.

Christopher Gourley and Robert McClain are out on bond after pleading not guilty to burglary, evading arrest contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

They’ll be back in court February 25th.