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Horn Lake, Miss. — On Memorial Day, you may have raised a flag in honor of someone you love. Some of you may have bought that flag from a teenager in Horn Lake.

Emily Waldon has been making flag poles and selling flags and flag poles since she was just 6 years old.

“It’s all about them. It’s not about us,” said Emily.

Emily has had a lot of time to think about stars and stripes

“She started it when she was 6 years old,” said her father, Bryan Waldon.

In 2001, Emily started making flag poles herself after she heard about what happened at the World Trade Center.

She made her first flag pole out of a chain link fence.

“We just put a rope and a flag on it but now what all goes into it is the ball, the pulley assembly, the halyard.”

The first flag Emily ever sold was a month after 9/11 and today it still stands in her neighbor’s front yard.

“I think she sold it for twenty bucks, well below what it cost,” said Waldon.

She’s been selling flags and flag poles ever since. Now that she’s in college in Illinois, her dad helps her out with her business, Flagpole Express.

“All of our flags are made in the USA guaranteed, even the steel and all of the product is made in America,” said Waldon.

In the last 12 years, Waldon estimates Emily’s sold about 500 flags.

She’s given away many to veterans and even honored a veteran  this week who passed away.

Her dad says the flag business has not made their family rich, and Emily says her business is not about making money.

“It’s not about me. It’s not about the business. It’s not about the profit. It’s about providing the best possible service to the men and women who protect our country.”

On this Memorial Day, she says don’t think of her or what she’s accomplished at just 19 years old, think of whom you raised a flag for today.

You can visit Flagpole Express’ Facebook page here.