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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police confirmed they were called to a gas station in the 500 block of Highland hours before an angry teenage mob attacked people at a Kroger grocery store last weekend.

In this instance, the group of teens took candy and drinks from the store.

One man who witnessed the group said there were yelling and trying to scare people, but not really doing much harm.

“I was just sitting there looking at them and said man these are kids that have nothing better to do,” said Steve Adams.

The store manager believes it’s the same group seen on video at the Kroger, which is just down the road and where four people were attacked by a mob that same night.

The BP’s manager also said there were other incidents with these same students earlier in the week.

It all has people in the neighborhood concerned.

One woman said she no longer feels safe near young people.

“Don’t want to be anywhere around youngsters at 10 p.m., especially on Fridays,” Augusta Watson said.