Teen charged with robbery after wig-snatching

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — What started as an online sale, turned into a street fight, and a teenager is now facing serious charges.

Police said the teen set up the transaction, only to ‘snatch a wig’ without paying.

Usually when you say your wig is snatched, it’s a good thing meaning extreme excitement. But that was not the case last month when wig-maker Madison Lee literally had her wig snatched away while selling one to a teen she met online.

Lee displays the wig that was stolen on a manikin.

“She grabbed the wig and then drove off,” Lee said.

The person allegedly snatching wigs during the hair heist is 18-year-old Danahja Henderson, seen in her mugshot no longer with the wig.

But weeks before, the same hair Lee was selling is the same hair Henderson was wearing on social media.

Lee said this theft was a jab to her, both personally and professionally.

“That’s my money, but it’s also a passion of mine, and it’s like for you to do me so low down and dirty like that, it makes me want to stop, but I can’t because I love doing what I do,” Lee said.

Making matters worse, it’s alleged that Henderson was riding with several other girls and an unbuckled toddler inside the car as the car sped away with Lee being dragged.

The suspect’s social media shows a photo of her wearing the stolen wig.

Fortunately, Lee wasn’t seriously hurt.

Lee never got the wig back and said she’s chalking this up as a life lesson.

“Just watch your surroundings and just also have someone in your company when doing business,” Lee said.

Henderson will soon have her own business to attend to when she heads to court next week. She is charged with theft of merchandise and robbery.

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