MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis teen is behind bars after taking to social media and threatening to shoot people based on their race.

Reginald Williams has been charged with felony commission act of terrorism, civil rights intimidation, disorderly conduct, and harassment.

The suspects posted the video on social media that quickly went viral. According to police records, they received over 40 CrimeStoppers tips with an outpouring of concern.

The Multi-Agency Gang Unit reviewed the footage. Police records state the suspect said the following in the video, “I’m fixing to go on ahead and gone Zeek Mode on nothing but white people. I catch any white h*** on the sidewalk you going to get popper tonight. He already shot a white old man. I’m fixing to shoot a white old lady [explicative] …while her grandkids in the car.”

On the same day this video was posted, suspect Ezekiel Kelly posted on Facebook Live when he shot multiple people across the city of Memphis.

Police records state Williams’ father personally took him to the Memphis Gang Unit for questioning. Records show during the questioning, police read Williams his rights and he waived them.

Williams told police he went on Facebook Live and made threats after a woman commented on one of his posts. He also acknowledged he had a gun in the car at the time of the video but never planned to use it.

Investigators said Williams told them he was an active gang member of the “400” gang and that he was a “Crip.” Police asked what MGNG meant on his profile page and he responded, “my gang, no gang.”

Williams has a $100,000 bond at this time, and his next court appearance is set for September 12.