Teen accused of shooting at Marianna officer after stealing mom’s gun

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MARIANNA, Ark. -- An Arkansas teenager is locked up in Marianna after the police department said he shot at one of its officers.

"It happened in seconds," Corporal Roy Williams, with the Marianna Police Department, said.

Around about 2:30 a.m. on Monday morning, Williams was patrolling near MLK and Montgomery when he saw someone walk up.

He said, "He had his hands in his pockets. He reached his hand out--"

A gun fell on the ground, Williams saw it, and the officer cut on his squad car lights before the suspect ran away.

"He actually jumped over this fence right here," Williams recalled.

It was dark when police chased the 16-year-old with their body cameras rolling.

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"He shot three rounds right here. We actually found casings right here," he said.

Corporal Williams did not shoot back at the juvenile.

"Me not shooting -- that was a two-second decision that saved at least 4 people's lives," he said.

Williams feared for the neighbors sleeping in their beds that might have gotten caught in the crossfire.

The teen quickly disappeared into the night.

"The suspect had a great advantage to ambush me at the time," Williams said.

However, a new K9 unit the city purchased came to the rescue by tracking the suspect to a tire shop.

Police said the teen was hiding.

The teenager was arrested with minor injuries from the dog bite, but he did not have to go to the hospital.

Police said the kid was toting drugs and a gun he stole from his mother's purse.

"I'm just glad that no life was taken at the time-- myself, my partner, the K9 nor the suspect," Williams told WREG.

The suspect's name will not be released because he is a juvenile.

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