MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A 6-year-old at Dogwood Elementary School in Germantown found a teacher’s lost wedding band and buried it, calling it “treasure”.

According to the schoolteacher, Sabrina Mink, she was playing at the school’s playground on Saturday with her husband and their daughter when she decided to put the rings in her husband’s pocket.

“I wasn’t going to forget about them, but I did and so later that night I went to get them back out and we just found a huge hole at the bottom of that pocket,” Mink said.

After a search party was organized, they located her wedding ring in the parking lot. However, the engagement ring was still missing.

Six-year-old Scarlet Arnold came forward and told them she knew exactly where the ring was. Shortly after Mink and her family left the park Saturday, Arnold discovered the ring.

She buried the ring because it was “treasure”, but she was able to dig it up and give it back to Mink.

Arnold became an instant celebrity at school according to her mom. “I think when she’s walking down the hall, everyone’s saying, ‘oh, the ring finder’,” Scarlett’s mom said.

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Mink says she will probably never take her rings off again after what some may call a “ring resolution”.