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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — A Houston High School teacher has been suspended amid an investigation, Germantown Municipal Schools confirmed Thursday.

The acknowledgement came after WREG asked the district about allegations against a specific teacher at Houston High School.

A source told WREG that teacher repeatedly made inappropriate remarks directed toward a female student.

In response, the district issued the following statement:

“The safety and well-being of students is our primary concern. A teacher has been placed on an unpaid leave of absence (suspension) while we conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.”

The district wouldn’t confirm what “the matter” was, nor would the district directly confirm the teacher’s name.

An email and phone call to the teacher Thursday went unanswered.

The district isn’t saying when it launched its investigation or when it placed the teacher on leave.

But parents tell WREG the timing couldn’t be worse since the teacher’s students are just weeks away from a major test.

An email sent to parents from a school official acknowledges that, calling the whole thing an “unfortunate situation.”

It also reveals the teacher has kept in touch with the school by passing along test preps to share with the substitute teacher.

None of the parents WREG approached wanted to go public with their concerns, but one parent had nothing but good things to say about the instructor who has been recognized for his work in the past.