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(Bartlett, TN) A Bartlett teacher has been arrested for growing marijuana inside her home which was also filled with numerous guns.

Christy Street is a teacher at Rivercrest Elementary School.

Police raided her Memphis home where they found 21 guns, four marijuana plants, grow lamps, fertilizer, a surveillance system and more.

Street is charged with growing a controlled substance with intent to distribute and possessing a firearm while committing or attempting to commit a felony.

Jeremy Street and Wesley Spring were also taken into custody. Police say the two men admitted what they were doing while Christy Street refused to give a ‘full statement.’

34-year-old special education teacher Christy Street likely won’t be there when the school bell rings for the first time this fall. Police arrested her along with Jeremy Street and Wesley Spring at a home on Graham Oaks Court.

Inside officers found 21 guns, a load of ammo, a stash of weed and drug paraphernalia. Outside her neighbor, Sam, watched as investigators took pictures inside this portable storage unit.

“The police was here,” said Sam.

He added, “But I don’t know anything about this.”

The trio was connected to a second address at Estridge and Waring right next to the Green Line. That’s where officers found an elaborate ventilation system and marijuana growing operation.

The place is fenced in but outside we found fertilizer type products called Bud Candy, BC Bloom and other products promising superior growth. Officers also say the house was monitored by surveillance cameras.

Street was a special education teacher at Rivercrest Elementary in Bartlett. She was hired in 2007. The district tells us they’ll place her on administrative leave while the matter is investigated.

Street has a $20,000 bond. She’ll be in court Monday for her first appearance before a judge.