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MEMPHIS, Tenn.  — Memphis police said a Shelby County teacher has been charged with a list of crimes, including running an illegal strip club and promoting prostitution.

Police said their investigation started in July at Walt’s Place located at 3572 Commerce Circle.

Over a four-month period, an undercover officer visited the club several times.

Police said officers made a total of eight prostitution deals, with some of the deals coming directly from Walter McCrimmon, the owner.

Police said he set prices for customers to have sex with the employees.

Detectives also bought drinks made with untaxed liquor, and the business had no liquor license.

The club has now been closed as a nuisance.

McCrimmon is charged with eight counts of promoting prostitution, storage of liquor for sale, unlawful sale of alcoholic beverages and one count of money laundering.

According to police, McCrimmon currently works at Raleigh-Egypt High School.

The following statement is from SCS:

“We are very concerned about the severity of these allegations. At this point, the teacher has been suspended without pay.”