MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A flock of more than a dozen birds took a walk on the busy Bill Morris Parkway, blocking two lanes during rush hour Friday morning.

Luckily, an escort showed up to shepherd them to safety.

TDOT cameras showed the birds, which appeared to be a family of Canada geese, strolling in the right eastbound lanes near Riverdale as cars zoomed around them at about 8:30.

It was an elevated section of U.S. 385 and a concrete wall blocked the birds from getting off the road.

But two yellow TDOT trucks quickly showed up to the scene, slowing down passing cars as the group ambled across the overpass to high ground on the other side.

Then, they filed through the metal barrier and down a grassy hill to safety.

“Success: Featered friends made it! Shoutout @myTDOT for taking the time to guide them to safety,” said WREG traffic reporter Corie Ventura, who captured the saga as it unfolded on Twitter.