TDOT to investigate illegal tire dumping in Parkway Village

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — At least 100 tires have been dumped along the side of a road in Memphis, and now the state is getting involved.

Piles of tires have been dumped along the off ramp from South Perkins to Lamar, right above a creek in the area.

“It’s not surprising to me because they dumped some here down the street a couple of months ago on Winchester,” said Pattie Hurt, who lives in the area.

The state now maintains Lamar. When contacted about the tires, a spokesperson with the Tennessee Department of Transportation said they were reaching out to the maintenance office to see if they could get out and see what was going on.

In a statement about the tire dumping, the City of Memphis said in part they’re frustrated by it too.

The city said that, historically, the majority of the illegal dumping comes from commercial businesses who are looking to avoid paying landfill fees. This includes used tire dealers and haulers, general contractors and landlords.

“Public Works diligently investigates these matters to identify and prosecute anyone responsible for such actions,” the statement reads. “We encourage residents who witness illegal dumping to report it to the City of Memphis as soon as possible including taking photos these activities.”

The City of Memphis says that anyone wanting to report an illegal dumpsite or illegally dumped debris should contact the City’s 311 Call Center or at 636-6500.

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