TDOT crews work overtime to clear roads during snow days

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — TDOT crews can’t catch a break either.

They told WREG, they’ll continue to monitor and treat roads until about 10 p.m. Tuesday night.

Communication was key for The Tennessee Department of Transportation crews.

Workers in the command center kept a close eye on the 125 cameras around Shelby County and the Mid-South.

“We’ve been for 24 hours,” Deadrick Wright, with The Tennessee Department of Transportation, said.

Throughout Tuesday morning, monitors showed heavy snow – which then turned into slipping and sliding cars running off the road.

WREG also saw vehicles having trouble on the flyover.

They took their time as they inched up the steep on-ramp.

“There’s been a few accidents and minor injuries. We are going to monitor the cameras throughout the day,” Wright said.

That’s why TDOT calls their efforts a success.

They say this time around, they were able to prepare since there wasn’t any rain before the snow hit.

Road crews laid salt and brine on the roads Monday morning.

Trucks full of brine and salt were on the move throughout Tuesday.

WREG watched trucks come and go all morning at the command center.

They filled up their trucks with salt and then hit the road, concentrating on bridges and overpasses.

WREG asked TDOT if there was anything they felt they could improve on.

They said they are always looking at new and various ways to protect drivers from all weather conditions.

“Mainly, we have to take care of our motorists and keep them safe,” Wright said.


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