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The veil of secrecy that hovers over TBI investigations will be lifted somewhat the head of the TBI announced on Wednesday.

The state agency was called in to investigate the shooting death of 19-year-old Darrius Stewart by a Memphis Police Officer.

The TBI Director said unlike in other cases this time we will learn key facts in the case.

For 3 years, WREG has been asking questions about the lack of transparency when the TBI investigates.

If the District Attorney decided not to prosecute, the public was left in the dark, not knowing any of the facts.

This time the word from the TBI was that will change.

“We agree at the appropriate time key facts and details will be made available to the public regarding this investigation,” said TBI Director Mark Gwin.

Gwin said he and Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich have been talking and agreed once the investigation was complete she would give the public some information about the case.

“She has pledged at the appropriate time she will release pertinent information needed out to the public,” said Gwin.

But minutes after that, Weirch’s Office told WREG it wouldn’t release any information until the case was completely closed.

That could take years if it goes to trial.

By law TBI case files are sealed and Gwin said the information released won’t come from him.

That lead WREG to ask if Werich could have released information from other TBI cases and didn’t.

“This will not be coming from TBI,” said Gwin.

“So, she had this authority to do this all along?” reporter Stephanie Scurlock asked.

“I’m not saying that she had the authority,” Gwin answered.

Stewarts’ death came at a time when police across the country have been questioned about deadly force used on African Americans.

The public has demanded more transparency and put heat on officials who didn’t comply.

“We’re hoping we get some kind of justice for what happened because if not this is going to continue to go on and they going to continue to kill innocent black people,” said Henry Williams, Darrius Stewart’s Father.

Weirich was not at today’s news conference.

WREG was told by an office spokesperson she would be out of town until next week.