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TATE COUNTY, Miss. – A 71-year-old Tate County man has been arrested in the shooting death of his daughter, the Tate County Sheriff’s Office said.  

It happened Monday afternoon at the family home on the 8400 block of Tate-Panola Road.  

Forrest Mouton has been charged with first degree murder, but his daughter’s name hasn’t been released.  

Bobby Eppenger said he was across the street working in his shed when one of his grandchildren alerted him to the ambulance at his neighbor’s house. 

“I said, ‘Let me see what’s going on,’ so I walked across the street to see what was going on and I asked the guy was everything all right and he said, ‘Yes and no,’” Eppenger said.  

“This the last thing you would expect to hear around here, somebody getting shot,” said neighbor Michael Lanning.  

Authorities haven’t said what Mouton’s motive may have been and neighbors are finding it difficult to think of one. 

“I never heard any arguments or anything across there. They all seemed like real nice people,” said Eppenger.