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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A Friday night fire destroyed a camper parked on Tiger Lane.

The camper belonged to a family who was tailgating outside the Liberty Bowl at the time.

Cell phone captured the fire and flames devoured the trailer. Witnesses say an SUV was attached to the camper. A mother and her young child were inside the vehicle.

“Everybody was saying get the car s out the way. I said get the kid out the car,” said David Merritt, a nearby tailgater.

Thankfully the family escaped untouched by the flames. Tailgaters unhitched the SUV and moved other nearby cars out of the fire`s way.

“Everybody who got involved, they weren`t nervous, it just seemed like it was orchestrated. David moved the propane tanks out of the way, which I thought was really good,” said tailgater, Ed Henderson.

Only pictures taken right after the fire show the damage, a wrecker towed away the now destroyed camper. But shattered glass from the windows still lays and Tiger Lane.

Tailgaters are thankful the family is safe this weekend, especially the little boy.

“He was pretty quiet. The mom said he was looking for his toys,” said tailgater Carole Merritt.

Firefighters have not said what sparked the fire.