Sweltering start to school year as heat index hits 115

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It was a sweltering start to the school year for students across Shelby County as the heat index reached 115 degrees Monday afternoon in Memphis.

“It’s hot outside. It’s hot outside. Very hot,” said Willie Durrah as he walked 6-year-old Reginald Smith home from his first day of first grade.

“It’s really hot and it feels like I’m just gonna shut down,” said Smith.

Even those who were lucky enough to have air-conditioned rides waiting for them had to endure the momentary misery of extreme heat.

“It’s burning out here as a matter of fact. I’m sweating out,” said parent Ikisha Carr.

Durham School Services told WREG that all of its buses serving Shelby County Schools are air-conditioned, and SCS added that the buses are inspected each day to make sure that all of the equipment is working.

SCS also said that when the heat index reaches 95 degrees, schools are asked to avoid outdoor activities.

When the temperature is between 90 and 94 degrees, the district said schools should limit time outdoors and provide water as well as a cool-down period.

Meanwhile, mechanics are urging drivers to check their tires since extreme heat can cause a blowout, especially if the tire is old or showing signs of wear.

“It’s like a balloon. You take a balloon and stick it in the freezer, it shrinks. You heat it up, it expands. It’s eventually gonna pop. Same thing with tires,” said Joey Barton with Barton’s Car Care.

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