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OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. —Less than five months after a triple homicide in Mississippi, both suspects allegedly involved are walking around as free men.

The loved ones of John Sutherland, Tyler Liles and Tommi Carrier still relive the worst night of their lives. The three victims were brutally shot and killed early New Years Day, heading home from a party.

The nightmare has gotten even worse during the last week.

Alleged killer Ivan Rodriguez, facing three counts of first-degree murder, had his bond set to $500,000 last week. He is now a free man.

The second suspect, Dylan Howard, has been charged as an accessory to murder. He also bonded out earlier this year.

We reached out to the Mississippi District Attorney’s office to find out why a man facing three first-degree murder charges is walking free.

They say the Mississippi Supreme Court requires case reviews for any suspect that has been charged and held for more than 90 days without being indicted. This practice ensures that cases progress through the legal system in a timely fashion. The only time the state will not set bond for a suspect is if they can establish a credible threat directed at a specific person.

Loved ones of the victims say they’ve been told an overcrowded jail and backlogged court contributed to bond being allowed. That explanation doesn’t help with their fear or frustration.

Rodriguez is due in court in Hernando on July 23.