Suspects carjack woman in Memphis, rob Millington liquor store

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MILLINGTON, Tenn. – Millington police are still searching for two men who robbed a liquor store Thursday night with an assault-style rifle and fled the scene in a stolen vehicle.

There were two employees and a customer inside the Millington Liquor Store on Navy Road at the time, according to a manager.

Employee Sarina Smith said she was ringing up the customer around 9:30 p.m. when one of the robbers appeared at the counter holding the assault rifle.

“He told me to get down on the ground,” Smith said.

With Smith and her co-worker cowering on the floor, Smith said the robber and his accomplice first tried gaining access to the safe. When that failed, they demanded money from the cash register.

“I kind of froze, you know, I was nervous, I was scared that he, you know – and so I just got all the money and put it in the bag and gave it to him,” Smith said.

Both men then hit the road in a vehicle that police say was carjacked just minutes earlier in Memphis.

A 25-year-old woman tells police she was parked outside the Jamesbridge Apartments in Raleigh around 9 p.m. when one of the men approached her window with the assault rifle and forced her out.

But after robbing the liquor store, the thieves apparently had little use for the victim’s car.

They bailed out near Raleigh-Millington Road and Duncan and haven’t been seen since.

Now liquor store manager Minesh Patel is reassuring employees after the store’s first robbery in his 14 years there.

“They should go out there, find a job, work, because they could have hurt somebody,” Patel said.

“It’s only the second day, I’m still kind of traumatized over this,” Smith said.

Millington police are asking for possible witnesses to come forward as well as any surveillance video that may have captured the suspects.

They’re asking that you contact Det. Booker at 901-873-5621 or at

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