Suspected house burglars in Arkansas caught thanks to neighbor

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CROSS COUNTY, Ark. — Three people accused of burglarizing a home were caught thanks to a brave neighbor. That home sits on County Road 637 just outside of Wynne, Arkansas.

It belongs to Danny Williams. He says his next door neighbor is a good friend.

“I look out for him. He looks out for me,” Williams said.

His neighbor heard Williams’ dogs barking Saturday night. So, he looked out the window and saw people at his house with a car parked out front. That’s when he called Danny, who was out of town.

“Asked me is someone supposed to be at my house, and I told him no,” Williams said.

Cross County Sheriff’s deputies say that neighbor drove up to the car and started questioning the driver, Kerria Crawford. Seconds later, Kerry Jones and Stanley Wilkins allegedly ran out and jumped in as the vehicle sped off.

“They were trying to clean me out,” Williams said.

Deputies says they were burglarizing the home for the second time that day. They say the suspects stole over $5,000 worth of items, including a handful of handguns and hunting rifles.

“Somebody knew I was going to be out of town,” Williams said.

Deputies say his neighbor followed the suspects and called 911.

It was a bold move, because of one of the guns they allegedly took was loaded.

“They could have turned around and killed him, really,” Williams said.

Deputies say Jones jumped out of the car and took off on foot, but Williams’ neighbor was too far back to see it. They say he followed the car around the corner to a shop where deputies closed in.

They arrested Wilkins and Crawford and caught Jones walking down a nearby road a short time later.

Sheriff David West is proud of that neighbor.

“I think it was brave,” West said. “He did well. Yes sir.”

Thankfully, deputies got most of the stolen stuff back.

“Ninety percent was recovered,” Williams said.

The suspects are charged with theft and burglary.

Williams says he wants to see justice done. “Prison time for sure.”

He’s glad his neighbor came to the rescue.

“Very grateful,” he said.

The Sheriff’s Office asked WREG not to share the neighbor’s name because that neighbor is scared of retaliation.

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