Suspected drunk driver tears through yards, hits cars Christmas morning

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Wednesday afternoon there was a trail of tire tracks and car parts leading through several yards on Avon Road in Berclair.

Around 5 a.m. Christmas morning, neighbors say a car came racing down the street before hopping a curb.

“It was just so loud,” said Lori Olah.

Marcos Ramos

Olah said the car tore through a yard, where it hit a parked SUV and a tree, before continuing into other yards.

“It hit another tree and spun him around and hit a van and moved it about a foot over,” Olah said.

It was at this point that the dangerous drive ended.

A homeowner told police that he and another man found Marcos Ramos unresponsive behind the wheel of a Nissan Altima.

They said they helped him out of his vehicle. That’s when they say he became combative and tried running away, but the two were able to hold him for police.

Officers said they smelled alcohol and that Ramos had bloodshot and watery eyes as well as slurred speech.

“He was smiling as he went to the police car to go to 201,” said Olah.

Ramos is charged with DUI, failure to exercise due care, reckless driving and public intoxication. He was also charged with not having a driver’s license and insurance.

“It could have been my house and that has terrified me because I hear people all the time bottoming out right there, that’s why I know the sound distinctively,” said Olah.

Ramos, who has no previous criminal history in Shelby County that WREG could locate, is due to appear in court Thursday morning.

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