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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A suspected drunk driver crashed into a home in Memphis early Thursday morning. Police were called to a home at 1932 East Alcy when a white Mercedes crashed into it. There is a lot of damage to the garage area of the home, where the door is gone, and it appears the ceiling has collapsed. A car in the garage was pushed through a wall and into the dining room.Three people were inside the home, there are no reports of injuries. Those in the home said when they looked outside, there was no one in the car. A little while later, police say Michael Blakley arrived at the scene saying his car had been stolen. Police say Blakley was not cooperative and had slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol. He also had injuries consistent with a car crash and some dried blood as well as a damaged Mercedes key ring. Blakley was placed under arrest for DUI.