Suspect wanted after chase and crash in Binghampton

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police are working to track down the person they say led them on a chase Tuesday night in Bighampton. Police say the suspect crashed into three police cruisers and hit an officer before he crashed at Pope Street and Lyndale Avenue.

“All I heard was ‘bam.’ I was laying in my bedroom right here,” Leonard Miller said.

The tree the white 2011 Infinity hit was feet from where Miller was sleeping.

“They thought it hit the house, but it didn’t hit the house or nothin. So I don’t know what’s going on over here,” he said.

Officers say they initially attempted to pull over the driver. As of right now, it’s unclear why. However, when the driver finally stopped he made it clear he wasn’t stopping long. They said he intentionally crashed into three cruisers and also hit an officer. A police spokesperson said the officer is okay.

Police say that’s when the pursuit stopped. But the driver kept going, until he hit the tree at Pope and Lyndale.

The driver bolted. Witnesses said a female passenger stayed behind and was detained. Helicopters were also out searching for the driver.

The crash and search sent many living in the area out to see what was going on.

“Yeah, it was a nice white car. I seen it on the wrecker when they were pulling it out, and I said ‘Well, somebody is going to jail,” said one neighbor.

However police never nabbed the person behind the wheel.

As for Miller, he’s thankful no one was hurt. But with the close call, he knows things could’ve been worse.

“They riskin they life, he riskin his life and whoever in the car with him .”

The Infinity had temporary tags. Police did say they have a person of interest.

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