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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is in the hospital after police said he tried breaking into a woman’s Highland Heights home, and she shot him. A line of officers parked outside a home on Powell Monday night, after receiving a call from a woman who lives there saying she had shot a man trying to break into her home. “I looked out the window and saw him kicking at the window, kicking at the door,” said a 14-year-old who didn’t want his face shown. He said he was playing video games next door when he heard the drama unfold. “When I stepped out the front door, I saw him kicking at her car and punching at her window.” The teen said the woman and man were in and out of a relationship, and had been fighting for weeks. She apparently had enough though when she barged out of her home with a gun. “I saw her firing shots at him, and then he jumped into the car and took off.” The man was later found driving around Frayser on Dellwood and Madewell with a gunshot wound. He was rushed to the hospital where police said they will question him. As for the teen, he said he’s just glad his neighbor is okay. Unfortunately, he’s lost his loved ones to violence before. “I look at her as a sister and it made me feel like I hope nothing is going to happen because I don’t want to lose anyone else.”