Suspect convicted in man’s murder at phone store


Rashed Awwad

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The man accused of murdering a young father at a Boost Mobile store has been convicted on a second-degree murder charge.

According to authorities, Damon Johnson will remain in custody until his sentencing hearing on Dec. 2. He could be sentenced to up to 25 years behind bars without parole for killing Rashed Awwad.

Damon Johnson/Photo: Shelby County Jail

In May 2017, Johnson and several friends reportedly went to the store located in the 1700 block of Winchester near Millbranch to have a cell phone repaired. Prosecutors said while inside one of the friends got into an argument with Awwad.

Awwad, then 24, told the group to return the next day, but to leave their friend at home.

Later when Awwad went outside for a smoke, he was confronted by the friend. That’s when Johnson allegedly pulled a gun and shot Awwad four times in the back.

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