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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police are looking for a suspect who was caught on camera attempting to rob an East Memphis home.

The victim told officers she came home and found damage to the rear window of her home.

After looking at her surveillance video, she noticed it captured the suspect attempting to break into her home.

This is the video that caught one homeowner’s attention, and stopped her in her tracks right in the middle of her workday.

A man was wandering off the street and into her yard in East Memphis Tuesday, Jan. 23.

“I was at work looking at my camera videos, and then I came across it,” the woman said.

The man takes his time and, since he doesn’t know he’s on camera, he’s caught from all angles trying to get into the woman’s home.

He even went as far as tossing a brick through the home’s bedroom window.

“I was extremely scared,” she said.

The suspect was casually walking with his hands tucked in his pocket.

He was wearing a zip-up jacket, a red shirt and some pretty bold colored sneakers.

It seems he’s not in a rush and is without a clue that his every move is being watched.

“I’ve never seen him before,” the woman said.

The homeowner says she’s increased security at her house about a year ago.

“I got it installed, because I’ve had three other break-ins.”

She says, for the most part, seeing the camera on her home keeps the thieves away.

WREG talked to Jackson Majors who lives in the same cave.

He says there have been talks in the neighborhood about putting out signs to let would be criminals know – residents have camera’s and they’re rolling.

“We already have a few cameras. But with all the break-ins me and my roommates have been talking about getting more security for the house,” Majors said.

He says seeing police pull up just feet away from his home the other day to investigate really put things into perspective fro him.

“My roommate came in two night ago, and he told me there were a bunch of police walking around in our neighbors backyard with flash lights.”

Major says he has a message for the mysterious man and anyone else thinking about breaking into their homes.

“We might be some college kids, but we have security. So if you try to break-in, chances are you’re going to get caught.”

They say bad guys should think twice before taking that chance.

The homeowner says her alarm didn’t go off, but she’s since fixed that problem.

Thankfully, the man didn’t take anything, but the homeowner did have to replace her broken window.

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