Surveillance video shows 12-year-old get rescued after being stuck in a lazy river

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South Carolina police released surveillance video of a boy getting stuck in a resort pool in March.

The security footage shows two boys, one of them 12 years old, playing near a suction pipe in the Avista Resorts lazy river.

There are other people in the room, but no one is close to the boys as they swim down to the river’s floor for safety.

The pipe is covered by a grate, or it was.

After a few minutes of trying, the boys managed to lift it up, and the 12-year-old explored the hole and the 6-inch pipe inside of it.

After diving down to the hole again and again, he got stuck.

His friend can be seen trying to pull him out as he struggles to get free, but can’t.

The friend then calls for help.

Adults rushed into the river to save the boy, but they couldn’t get him out either.

Police say at least one of the men in the river knew how to give underwater mouth to mouth aid.

He kept the boy clinging to life for nine long minutes, before emergency crews arrived.

A police officer thew his gun to the side and dived in followed by others.

They quickly lifted the boy out of the river and began CPR for 12 minutes.

A female officer pounded on the boy’s chest to keep his heart beating.

One woman can be seen crossing her heart as she watches the rescue.

Eventually, they pick the boy up on a stretcher and carry him out of sight.

Police confirmed the boy is alive, but are not sharing any further details on his condition.

The boy’s family is asking for privacy.

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