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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People living in several East Memphis neighborhoods are getting serious about security after at least two homes were broken into recently, and several more were targeted.

Some of those attempted break-ins were caught on surveillance video and appear to show the same man lurking outside people’s homes, shielding his face from the cameras.

“It`s unnerving, especially for my wife,” Hunter Robinson said.

Robinson captured one eerie video early Tuesday morning outside his house in Normandy Meadows.

The man didn’t get inside but did steal some lawn equipment.

“I really wasn’t concerned as much about the blower and the weed-eater as I was that he was at the back door, and it looked like he was potentially thinking about coming in the back door. That’s the scary part,” Robinson said.

He posted a warning on the NextDoor app and found out several other neighbors had captured videos of what appears to be the same man.

He was caught on camera sneaking around another house in Green Glade the night before – wearing the same clothes – and, once again, hiding his face from the camera.

And people in Pidgeon Estates, Avon and Greenway Gardens have also posted their stories to NextDoor, claiming the same man tried to break into their homes.

Someone did get inside Chris Bodry’s house in Normandy Meadows last month while he was gone for less than two hours.

He showed WREG the footprint on his door where someone had apparently kicked it in.

“They took my TV, an iPad, some personal items,” he said. “I had some cups of change that I’d had for years. They just kind of ransacked everything, went through all my drawers.”

He’s since installed an alarm system and eight security cameras.

“It was a wake-up call for sure,” Bodry said. “I’ve lived here for 16 years. Nothing’s really ever happened.”

Neighbors said police have begun regular patrols in the area and are warning people to call immediately if they see the man again.

He’s described as being in his mid-30’s, about 6-feet tall and skinny, and was wearing the same clothes in several videos: grey pants, a black t-shirt with a grey cardigan, a hat and gloves.