Surveillance footage captures man trying to break into Westwood home

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Angry. That’s one word to describe how a woman is feeling after someone attempted to break into her Westwood home on Wednesday.

“I got a call from the alarm company yesterday that my alarm was going off,” homeowner Phyllis Crump said. She rushed home from work thinking it might just be a false alarm, but it wasn’t.

She says surveillance video showed the suspect walking around her home and peeking into windows.

“Then he turned around and went back to the front door. That’s when he kicked the door in.”

The man tried to kick Crump’s garage door in before suddenly running away.

“The alarm went off. He scurried down to his car, his truck. It’s a black truck with the driver’s front hubcap missing.”

Crump says she’s thankful her alarm system worked and the man didn’t get into her home. She’s lived in her home for 11 years and never had a problem until now.

She says she’s taken every precaution to protect her home and family, but what happened Wednesday was a “wake up call.”

“Memphis is not the safest place, but this is my house. I have to protect my home.”

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