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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —A Memphis man is behind bars after allegedly stealing hundreds of pieces of mail from his neighbors.

According to police, surveillance cameras were rolling as a  postal worker got out of his truck to deliver mail at the Stonebridge Crossing Apartment on June 4. While he had his back turned, another man opened the back door, grabbed several pieces of mail and took off.

He then returned once more to get another handful of mail.

The very next day a worker at the complex called the postal inspector after finding numerous pieces of mail behind one of the apartment buildings. The man also noted that a man matching the general description of the suspect had dropped off a rent check for one of the units.

Still stumped, police released the surveillance video hoping someone would recognize the suspect. Luck was apparently on their side, because two days later they received a Crime Stoppers tip identifying the suspect as Anthony Stewart. The caller also said their man lived in the same apartment building behind which the discarded mail was located.

Stewart was arrested and charged with burglary and tampering with governmental records.