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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – For many, the Fourth of July holiday is not the same without fireworks, but a firework shortage may make put a damper on some holiday plans.

Melissa Adkisson, co-owner of Phat Phil’s Fireworks, says they saw a difference in available inventory this year.

“We probably got about 60% of our orders. And in some cases, we didn’t get any at all of some particular items,” she said.

The shortage is a result of supply issues created by the pandemic. Adkisson’s suppliers say shipping problems are the main culprit, “Because the ports in California were shut down for several weeks, and so that threw shipping behind not only on fireworks but on other products as well.”

While there are still plenty of options to choose from at Phat Phil’s Fireworks, they had difficulty sourcing parachutes and firecrackers this year. Some multi-packs are also unavailable.

Adkisson’s advice for those wanting fireworks for the holiday is to come early and get what you want before someone else does.