Super Seven speak out as U of M rolls out talented freshman class

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MEMPHIS — Arriving with the hype that comes with being the Number-1 recruiting class in the country, Penny Hardaway’s prized Class of 2019, finally speaking out today as those seven freshman met the media this afternoon for the very first time.

So far, all we’ve been able to see of this Super Seven is when they’ve worked Penny’s camps this summer but trust me, they’ve also been hard at work–behind closed doors, and to a man, let’s just say these guys are thoroughly impressed with what penny has pieced together.  “James, DJ, Lester, Boogie, Tyler, Lance, every single player. They just do something and it’s like, that is next level. It’s not something you see every day, especially just coming from high school basketball,” said 5-star forward Precious Achiuwa.  The number-1 player in the Class of 2019 James Wiseman adding, “Before I even committed, that’s what I dreamed about. I already had this planned, in mind. Really just trying to get as much players as I can, around me so we can bring this Memphis program back to where it was in ’08 when Derrick Rose was here. Just trying to create a new tradition here.”

These new freshman also bring a definite swagger to the Bluff City.  “Everybody’s competing every single day. It’s a match up every single day. There’s no time to go lackadaisical, everybody not go hard. Every single day, someone has to go hard. Just compete in practice and just get ready for us to demolish teams with our talent,” said prized 4-star guard Lester Quinones.   Former Olive Branch standout D.J. Jeffries when asked about all the high expectations, “We put a big target on our back cause we’re #1. Everybody’s looking at Memphis. Everybody’s tired of hearing about Memphis so, we just gotta go in and work hard and then, when that time comes, bust everybody’s…you know. You know what I’m trying to say.”

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