Substitute teacher returns to school to thank staff who saved her life

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A substitute teacher’s brush with death has earned her a team of life-long friends.

It’s been one year since Pamela Hunt went into cardiac arrest and collapsed inside of Hillcrest High School. She returned Friday morning with plaques to give everyone who played a role in saving her life that grim March day.

“I still say look at God because I’m here, and I came to Hillcrest today to say thank you,” Hunt said when she returned to the school.

Spanish teacher Stacy Keys was one of Hunt’s angels. She did 600 chest compressions on Hunt.

“I was able to turn her over and cradle her like a baby and talk to her,” Keys said. “I told her she needed to listen to my voice.”

While the ambulance rushed to help, Keys never stopped working.

“At the moment, I was just focused on saving her life,” Keys said.

“She professed in the name of Jesus that I shall not die, I shall live,” Hunt said.

Keys said even when Hunt stopped breathing, she knew every moment mattered, and she never gave up.

“I knew some way, shape or form, I had to get her breathing again because she did not have oxygen to her brain,” Keys said.

Assistant Principal Tedrick Estes said even students played a role in saving Hunt’s life.

“It’s just amazing because everyone remained so calm during a situation that was really intense,” Estes said.

He said both teachers and students were pacing and praying the whole time.

“Any time you can save someone’s life, that’s not something everyone can say they’ve done,” Estes said.

Hunt was helping out during a field trip when the medical emergency took place. She said she doesn’t remember much about that day, but she’s very appreciative of everyone who worked to help her.

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