Study: Pollen counts likely to double by 2040 due to climate change


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LOS ANGELES β€” Michelle Ehrman has a hard time escaping her allergy symptoms and she says she’s tried nearly everything.

“I’ve been on inhalers, been put on nose sprays and then I’ve been getting these shots on top of it.”

It turns out symptoms for allergy sufferers like Ehrman might only get worse. Experts say the rising temperatures from climate change and more carbon dioxide in the air are causing many pollen producing plants to bloom earlier and last longer prolonging the allergy season.

“New patient visits are coming in at different times of year that I did not use to see.”

Dr. Joseph Shapiro says his Los Angeles office is now flooded with patients year round. He says many of their symptoms are more severe than in the past, and he expects that trend to continue.

“A recent study showed that pollen counts are likely to double by the year 2040, so in a little more than 20 years we’re gonna see a significant increase.”

For Ehrman, allergy shots are finally bringing some relief – a helpful regiment she might need even more in the years ahead.

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