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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Third graders at Fairley Elementary school kicked off a new district wide get moving and learn program called ‘Go Noodle.’

It’s an online suite of activity breaks or brain breaks.

There is research that shows when kids move during the school day, they are better behaved, better focused, their cognition is improved and overall they do better in school.

For three to five minutes, at different times of day, the students get busy.

They rev up and their brains and learning math terms at the same time.

Teacher Brittany Carmichael said ‘Go Noodle’ helps students and teachers, “By having them come in excited about learning, they’re more focused that way for me. I actually get to teach what I want to teach.”

The activities focus on core subjects like science and math.

Tazia Armour told us ‘Go Noodle’ is all about doing things she’s never done before, “When I found ‘Go Noodle’ I didn’t know how to count money, and now  do.”

The program is free to every elementary school in Memphis thanks to Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

After one test, students stopped and had a dance break. It’s one of their favorites, and they get into it.

Ms. Carmichael said since implementing ‘Go Noodle,’ there is a marked improvement in students grades and desire.

“Every student is able to learn if we just put more efforts into what we do as far as engaging them in the subjects.”