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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — President Trump’s visit to Mississippi left a teenage girl in tears Tuesday, and she thinks it was because of the message on her T-shirt.

Seventeen-year-old Alexis Cobbs is heartbroken. She says she went to the rally in Southaven, but she never got a chance to hear the president speak.

“I mean, I know, I know we have partisan divide in this country,” Cobbs said. “I know that, but I didn’t realize it was this bad.”

Cobbs said she was kicked out of President Trump’s rally at the Landers Center because of the Black Lives Matter shirt she was wearing.

“I don’t doubt it’s the shirt, but I don’t understand why the shirt I wear would disqualify me from listening to the president speak.”

The DeSoto Central High School student waited in line for two hours and was initially admitted with some friends and one of her teachers.

But everything changed when she went to concessions alone.

“A Secret Service man just came up to me and said to follow him and he ended up pushing me out of the side door.”

The Secret Service says it had nothing to do with it, and says Cobbs was kicked out by event staff.

Event staff was presumably hired by Donald J Trump for President Inc., the company that funded the rally. While it was open to the public, the event was technically private, meaning anyone could be kicked out for any reason.

“I just wanted to listen to a sitting president speak,” Cobbs said. “That’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, regardless of our political affiliation.”

Cobbs said she was going to get extra credit for Economics class for taking notes.

She has been considering a career in politics, and says she still is.