Students report suspicious man near Raleigh middle school

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Several Raleigh middle school students reported a suspicious man to police as they were walking home.

A school resource officer for Craigmont Middle School notified police about the strange behavior.

Two girls told police they were walking home Monday, saying a man began following them off Yale Road. It’s unclear exactly how many girls told police about suspicious run-ins with the same guy but reports detail several occasions.

In one case the man asked for money outside of the school, another report says he asked a girl to get in his vehicle but the student never saw a car. Another case says he asked a girl to get into his car when she was at the Taco Bell not far from the school. In yet another case a student told the officer the man followed her to a nearby store. She said she ran away from him and lost him once she made it inside.

Parents we spoke with said they had not heard about the incident.

“A child should feel safe in this neighborhood and every neighborhood of Memphis,” Velma Robinson Boothe, who walks in the area, said.

The description of the suspect is not listed in a police report.

We reached out to the district to see if the school is taking any precautions or warning students. They said they weren’t able to gather all of the available information before this story aired and sent us the following statement on Thursday:

We are aware of the reports of a suspicious person in the area of Craigmont Middle, and the information was reported to the proper authorities. There were additional security and police patrols in the area yesterday afternoon as a precaution, and this will continue throughout the week. This person never came on campus and we’re not aware of any actual incidents occurring. Safety is always our top priority, so students were reminded to be vigilant as they walk to and from school, to walk in groups whenever possible and to immediately tell an adult at the school if they see anything suspicious or feel unsafe in anyway. Parents have also been informed and urged to share the same message with their children.


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