Students prepare for a ‘March for Our Lives’ event

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HERNANDO, Miss.— Young people from across the Mid-South are preparing to take part in March for Our Lives events happening tomorrow across the nation.

Merrill Stewart and a few classmates spent their Friday afternoon making posters and gathering supplies.

They’re preparing for a March for Our Lives event that will be held in this very spot at the Hernando courthouse Saturday afternoon.

Stewart, a senior at Hernando High, said she felt compelled to organize a local event after learning about the 17 students who lost their lives in Parkland, Florida.

“I feel like I just shouldn`t just stand on the sidelines anymore. I feel like I really need to make a difference. I met with the mayor, met with the Board of Alderman and got a permit to use the courthouse lawns,” Stewart said.

Stewart wasn’t able to get a permit to actually march, but their event will include speakers, literature about gun violence and school safety along with stations where people can actually write messages to Parkland victims.

“We`re going to just be protesting for better gun control and honoring the victims,” Stewart said.

Stewart started out planning the event by herself. She realizes, having a conversation about gun control in the state of Mississippi may not be popular with everyone, but believes it has to start somewhere, so why not now and with them.

“It`s not about taking away the second amendment, it`s just about making it safer for children to go to school, and just have better background checks and gun control and just remember the victims,” Stewart said.

The march in Hernando will take place from 12 until 2-pm in front of the courthouse.

The March for Our Lives Memphis event will be held from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. at Clayborn Temple.

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