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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Anthem Career College students said teachers told them there is a 90 percent chance the school will close before the week is over.

A local Anthem employee said all the schools spread across 14 states will likely close.

“All I can say is help us,” said student Bettie Hickman.

Students said they received an email a couple months ago, hinting that the college might be sold.

Instead, students heard from teachers Wednesday that there’s a board of education issue that will likely cause the schools to close immediately.

Anthem specializes in certifications in the medical field.

Students said Anthem is welcoming other schools to work with students on transfers and will forgive loans in light of the closure.

An employee said the other schools would be on campus to help students Thursday.

However, several students said they feared other local schools do not have the programs they need.

Many students were almost finished with their programs here.

They expect to have a final answer about the closure Thursday.

“I’m just going to go somewhere else, and I’m going to continue my education on something else. I’m going to go for auto diesel,” Hickman said.

Anthem has not responded to WREG’s request for comment.

Different accrediting organizations announced the closures of Anthem locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Missouri this summer.