Student Says Football Teammates Carved Marks in His Face and Body

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(Coldwater, MS) A Coldwater, Miss. family has filed a complaint with the Tate County Sheriff’s Office, saying that their son was attacked by classmates during school Wednesday while a teacher was in the room.

The 12-year-old, whose name the family did not want made public, came home from school Wednesday with red scratch marks across his fast, wrist, arm and chest.

On Friday when News Channel 3 interviewed the family, remains of the scratch marks were still visible.

The child attends Coldwater Attendance Center, a building where students in younger grades, as well as high school students go to class.

His mother, Amy Nalley, said of the incident, “He was on his way up to the board to take his notes for the review, for the test, and he was pulled out of the middle of the aisle by three boys. Jumped from behind, pulled back into the corner, and one of them took a paper clip, and started cutting him up.”

An “x” was marked across his cheek, along with other red marks on his body. The victim said these classmates are also teammates of his on the football team. The teacher in this particular computer lab classroom is also their football coach.

Nalley said the day after this attack, her son was jumped in the bathroom by some of the same students.

She said these are just the latest incidents in a chain of bullying events that have gone on since her son was in first grade.

“We've confronted the school with prior incidents, and nothing seems to be done,” she said.

The boy’s grandmother remembers a previous incident at a school bus.

“Some kids on the bus took his head and ran it down the side of the school bus where all the screws and stuff are. And he had screws’ scratches, cut marks, everything on the side of his head. Do you know what they said? That's just child play,” said Angie Youngblood, his grandmother.

Regarding Wednesday’s incident involving students using a paper clip in the computer lab, the assistant superintendent of Tate County Schools, Jeannie Sprayberry, said the matter is under investigation.

After the family met with the school principal and football coach, they also met with district officials.

Sprayberry said they are currently gathering information.

Nalley said during the meeting with the principal and coach, she was told her son had made the marks himself.

“It's not possible. The lines are too straight. He had handprints on the back of his arms where they were holding him down.”

The sheriff’s report states the victim never saw the coach look up from his computer while this was happening.

“I wanted to go stomp his a--,” said Youngblood.

The family wants answers and accountability, but said they’re not expecting much. They’re now considering taking the boy out of the school, before things get even worse.

“I don't want to bury my grandson,” Youngblood said.

The sheriff’s report lists this incident as an assault, but News Channel 3 was unable to learn whether charges are pending.

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