String of car break-ins in Cordova neighborhood


MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – A Cordova neighborhood is on edge after a string of car break-ins that happened overnight Sunday. They happened in the area of Dexter and Chimneyrock and in most instances, one of the car windows was smashed.

Jasper Netter caught one break-in on video. It happened while his truck was parked in his driveway on Milbrey Street. In the video, you see a man come up to his Dodge Ram, break the glass on a rear window and jump into the truck. Seconds later, the man jumps out with a bag and runs to a car parked in the street. He gets in the back seat and the car speeds off.

“The crazy part about it, they took my bowling bag,” Netter said, “(They) probably thought there was a million dollars in there.”

There were only some shoes and towels but Netter says the thieves also stole $2,000 in cash and $2,000 worth of jewelry from inside the truck. 

That break-in is one of at least six that happened in the neighborhood in the span of 24 hours including an incident that happened to a woman who lives on Dexter. She doesn’t want to be identified but claims her Ford Explorer was ransacked. She also says the back window on her husband’s Dodge Charger was smashed.

“You work really hard for what you have and to have somebody come and vandalize your items and there’s just so much already going on it’s sad,” she said, “You know, we’re good, hardworking people who live out in the suburbs. You try to live in a nice area and it’s just heartbreaking.”

Police say they’ve increased patrols in the neighborhood while investigators try to find whoever’s responsible for the break-ins.

“If I would have caught ’em it would have been another problem, you know, that would have been a whole ‘nother situation,” Netter said.

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