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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Officials with Street Ministries say someone vandalized their Nutbush facility on North Graham and burned their van earlier this month.

WREG obtained pictures of the damage. Officials with the charity believe whoever broke the window also torched their van. It’s a vehicle they used to take teenagers on college tours and job site visits, and now it’s destroyed.

Steven Green is the development manager for Streets Ministries. He says the incident happened around midnight on June 6.

He says can’t believe someone would do this.

“Like we provide resources for kids and that’s a van that’s not cheap that we can no longer use for the betterment of these youth,” Green said.

Streets Ministries is a charitable organization that helps children, primarily in poor neighborhoods. The organization provides a number of after school programs for academics and sports.

WREG featured the charity in November, 2020 in our Community Changers segment.

Green says the charity was able to raise enough money to buy a new van.

At this time, we’re told police are still looking for whoever committed this vandalism.

Green says a charity next door to theirs called “Sucasa” also had a window smashed.