Strays from the Mid-South get ‘Flight to Freedom’

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. –  It’s no secret animal shelters in the Mid-South are overwhelmed with stray dogs and cats.

Wednesday they got some help finding some of them forever homes as 135 cats and dogs from about eight different area shelters and nonprofit rescue groups were loaded on a plane at Memphis International Airport and flown to Seattle, Washington where several animal shelters were waiting to adopt them out.

“It’s their ticket out of an area where we are terribly over populated with stray and homeless pets and this is their flight to freedom to a place where shelter pets aren’t abundant and there are adopters waiting to give them some forever homes.  It’s phenomenal,” said Kerry Facello with the West Memphis Animal Shelter.

Wings of Rescue  provided the plane and pilots and and paid for it all.  To date, Wings of Rescue has helped save more than 29,000 shelter animals.

If you would like to help you can donate at


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