Storm victim claims contractor harassed him for weeks

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- It's been two months since the Memorial weekend storm, but in parts of Frayser, it looks like it's only been two days.
Storm damage abounds, including the other half of a massive tree that sat on Lewis Jones' house for around two weeks after the storm rolled through.
Then, one day, Jones said the tree disappeared.
"When I got out of school, come back, the tree was gone. I don't know who cut the tree up," Jones said.
It turned out it was a man by the name of James Woods, who had previously asked Jones about removing the tree.
But Jones said he never hired Woods.
"I told him, 'I ain't tell you to cut no tree up.'"
Jones said it didn't stop Woods from repeatedly demanding that Jones pay him $5,000. After weeks of stopping by Jones' home to demand the money, Jones said things reached a boiling point on Sunday.
"He said, 'Man, I want my money.' You want your money? Then he kept on reaching like this, holding his head out on the seat doing like this. So you don't ever know what he got."
Jones told police it might have been a gun.
Reached by phone, Woods denied threatening or harassing Jones.
"I don't know what it's all about. He just trying to get out of not paying me, I guess," Woods said.
Woods claims he and Jones had a verbal agreement but concedes they had nothing in writing.
"I didn't get no contract with him. No, I did not," Woods said.
Still, Woods insists Jones owes him the $5,000 for removing the tree.
"Tell you what I'm gonna do: I'm gonna put it in the hands of the Good Lord," Woods said.
Police never arrested Woods since Jones didn't actually see a gun and police say Woods never made any explicit threats.
But Jones told police and WREG that he feared for his life.

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