Store Owner Fed Up With Beer Stealing Students

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(Memphis) A beer bash in the parking lot of Saver Stop on Pendleton was caught on camera.

People are seen stealing and then spraying cans of beer.

Ali Alruvayr owns the store and says he’s tried everything to stop it.

He claims the students are from Melrose High School right across the street.

In the video you can see them walking up grabbing cans of beer then just darting off.

“Ain’t nobody want to do nothing about it they don’t even want to speak about it”, said Alruvayr.

He’s begged parents, police, and school leaders to help but says other than take a report, no one’s stopped it.

A school crossing guard understood the frustration but says there’s little anyone can do, “It’s a change of time these kids want to be grown ups they want to do things and get away with it and they are getting away with a lot of it.”

Christian Ross with Shelby County Schools said they know about the problem but it was off campus, and not their jurisdiction.

We asked why the district can’t put a faculty member or security guard in front of the school.

The school system promised to work with police.

MPD did send officers by to check things out quite a bit after we called them.

This business owner says he hopes it works.

He’s paying for all the stolen beer, but says it shouldn’t be so hard to get someone to stop all this.

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