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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police say alcohol taken from Buster’s Liquor store in East Memphis was being advertised on Facebook and sold out of a South Memphis apartment.

Investigators said a Facebook post showing unopened bottles of liquor for sale led them to the Hill View Village Apartments on Alcy.

Hill View Village Apartments

They said people at the apartment admitted to selling the liquor and helped them identify some of the suspects.

In early August, 14 men broke into Buster’s Liquor on South Highland, stole $10,000 worth of liquor, and caused about $1,000 worth of damage.

Several vehicles, including a black Infiniti G37, were caught on camera fleeing the scene. Police believed the same group was responsible for at least 40 other similar liquor store robberies around the city.

Investigators said they located the same black Infiniti G37 inside the Alcy Road apartments and found fingerprints on the car belonging to Kamerin Triggs, 18. Triggs is facing several charges of theft of property, vandalism, and burglary of a building.

Jaylin Triplett, 19, and Carl Turner, 25, are also facing similar charges in connection to the liquor store robberies. Police also took several others in for questioning.

Jaylin Triplett, Kamerin Triggs, and Carl Turner

Nearly two weeks ago, police said they had made multiple felony arrests in the spree of liquor store break-ins but did not release any other details.

CrimeStoppers said they received tips that led authorities to one suspect, followed by arrests of at least a dozen more individuals.