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(Memphis) Downtown businesses say the Family Dollar on Main Street is creating a stinky situation.

The say something smells about the situation because the Shelby County Health Department inspected the Family Dollar ten days ago and it passed inspection.

Surrounding businesses say the test stinks and smells like rats.

The smell that normally fills new the déjà vu restaurant on Main is Cajun spice, but now there’s a new odor seeping from the walls.

“The smell is unbelievable, we couldn’t figure out what it was,” Gary Williams said.

He believes its dead rats coming from the Family Dollar.

“I went over an investigated and they said they had rodent problems over there and they had inspectors,” he said. “I can’t afford to keep smelling that stuff because it’s going to ruin my client base.”

Attorney Murray Wells worries it will affect his clients too. He says the vile odor started three weeks ago and keeps getting worse.

“It’s hard to work in a building that smells like this and the clients the first thing they do in the lobby is get hit with a foul smell,” he said.

He, like Williams, is fed up.

“This morning I learned the problem appears to be dead rats come from the business next door and they tried to mask the smell up so I called the county health department,” Wells said.

He said he was the third person to call.

The Health Department sent an out inspector this afternoon as a follow up visit from the one ten days ago. We won’t know until Friday what the results found.

“They’ll get back in about 10 days make sure everything is cleaned up,” Williams said.

Williams hopes it happens quick so he can start enjoying the smells from his Louisiana kitchen again.

We called the Family Dollar Corporate Office for comment but did not hear back.